In 1574 the first small church in the surroundings of Arrecife is opened, housing the image of San Pedro, as well as a painting of San Ginés, found in the area. In 1665, because of a devastating flood, it is rebuilt and finished two years later; after some alterations and enlargement in 1747 it is given the status of a Parish.
In the year 1798, Ginés de Castro is instrumental in bringing to Lanzarote the images of San Ginés and the Virgen del Rosario, and in1800 the main nave had to be enlarged.
In 1804 the nave of the Evangelio, or Rosario, is built, and in 1814 the pulpit is given the final touches.
. In 1826 the Episcopalian nave is finished, preceding the construction of the church steeple in 1842, but in 1865 the Parish of San Ginés has to be closed down due to its dilapidated conditions.
Plans were drawn to move it to what it is today known as the neighbourhood of La Vega.
Part of the ceiling of the left nave fell down in 1986; reparations works were finished in 1989.

Album with photographs of San Ginés church.



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