Jameos del Agua is situated at the end of a volcanic tunnel that connects the sea with Cueva de los Verdes and the mountain of la Corona.
Inside, there is a small lake where you can find what are commonly known as "Blind Crabs" which, according to British biologist A. Knyrett Totton, is a species separated from the ocean thousands of years ago. These crabs are very sensitive to noise, which explains why they are very difficult to find near the shore and, also worth mentioning, is the fact that they were threatened by the immature habit of some tourists of throwing coins into the lake.
Legend tells of a Moorish North African who fell in love with a Christian young virgin who, seduced by his promises and all kinds of cheap jewellery, ran away with him without fear of punishment from God. They continued their passionate love affair for some time, but one day the young girl fell into the clear waters of Los Jameos, which opened up and swallowed the body of the sinner. The Moor cried inconsolably for his lost Christian lover, whose soul appeared before him and begged him to go on a pilgrimage through the "malpei" (badlands). The Moor did so and later, apparently converted, was baptised by the priests. It is rumoured that some nights, moans can be heard on the smooth surface of the lake.
There is a splendid natural auditorium inside Jameos del Agua, with an excellent acoustic.

Photographs of Jameos del Agua.



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