Surface: 63,98 Km2.
Altitude: 200 mts.
Tias Coat of Arms

In old times, Tías used to be called Las Tías de Fajardo (Fajardo's aunts) in memory and honour of two matrons of the old gentry: Doña Francisca and Doña Hernán Fajardo, both unmarried and related to the Governor of Gran Canaria, Alonso Fajardo. This town is very active in the sport of Canarian Wrestling and there was an unforgettable occasion, in the middle of the XIX century, when Don José Manuel Fajardo, backbone of the Tías de Fajardo wrestling team, swept all of his opponents and left them on the ground; that night he was crowned the undefeated champion of the meet. When he was celebrating his victory, a big and strong fellow appears and challenges him to a final bout and, to everybody's surprise, the champion falls defeated while his mysterious conqueror runs and disappears into the night. Later that same night, when Don José Manuel Fajardo arrives home, his wife is waiting at the door and he asks her: "Why did you do that, right at the moment when the Tías de Fajardo´s team had asserted its absolute supremacy"? His wife, almost two metres tall, strong as an ox but very gentle, answered smiling: "I did it to spare you a month of drunkenness celebrating your success" Needless to say, don José Manuel never wrestled again.

EThe Tías of today boasts one of the most outstanding tourist destinations; Puerto del Camen (La Tiñosa). The nightlife offers an endless variety of discotheques, pubs, terraces, etc. Going up the mountain towards Macher you can see many areas of cultivated plots, and of course a large stadium for Canarian Wrestling. Main holidays are: February 2nd. Our Lady of the Candelaria; last Sunday in May is San José Obrero; June 13th. San Antonio; July 25th. Sacred Heart Day; July 29th. is San Pedro Apóstol, and the first Sunday in August celebrates the Romería del Carmen.

La Tiñosa.-
This name dates from 1590, when Don Torriani records it at the local Registry.

Album with old photographs of Tías
Album with photographs of Tías



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