Surface Area: 107,41 Km2.
Altitude: 270 mts.
Escutcheon of Haria

In the town of Haria, there is a valley named " the valley of one thousand palms." It is deducted, that in the past, it was denser than what it is nowadays., due to the fact that Morato Arraez provoked a forest fire during his barbaric and bloody incursion on the island. This grotto of palms is still the most important one in the Canary Islands.
The best library in Lanzarote was located in Haria, because Don Enrique Luzardo Bethencourt, chief of the Liberal Party, had the suffucient foresight to put together, volume by volume, the most complete collection of literary works known in the Islands.
In 1904, a fire was started in the City Hall and Court House (suspected arson). During that time the mayor of Haria was Don Domingo Lopez Fontes, who was greatly responsible for all the good things that Haria enjoys today. To him we owe the shaded and sweet square, the planting of trees with the future in mind, and the fencing of the cliffs and water wells that he considered a hazard for the townspeople.

In October of 1914, Don Antonio Ramirez del Castillo contributed funds for the purchasing of the clock and the construction of the church tower, which still stands to this day. This benefactor of Haria died in a bed at the Insular Hospital in Arrecife.
On the night of  February 22nd, 1956, strong winds tumbled the church. (The Church of the Incarnation, built by the people of Haria in 1619.).

Nowadays, Haria is a very peacaful town, with a grand square that is very well taken care of. You can sit on any bench and enjoy a beverage while observing the many pigeons and song birds. Haria is also a municipality with many tourist attractions. Some of them are: Guinate Park (Exotic Birds), Los Jameos del Agua, La cueva de Los Verdes, El mirador del Rio. The municipal festivities are on June 24th (San Juan) and August 23rd (Santa Rosa de Lima)

There are other towns in the municipality of Haria that, due to their size and location, deserve to be mentioned on this page.

Mala has a beautiful landscape plagued with prickly pear cactus. The plants are covered with "cochinilla," a fungus that when scratched off releases a pale liquid that is used in cosmetics and for many other purposes. Also, in Mala we find the only water reservoir or dam located on the island. The municipal festivity is on the 24th of  September. (Nuestra Seņora de la Merced).

In Arrieta there is a very popular beach known as La Garita. This coastal town neighbors another town named Punta Mujeres. Punta Mujeres is a little bit smaller and it is also on the coast.

Before arriving to the town of Orzola we can see an area called "El Caleton Blanco," formed by considerable volcanic rock jetties. Its cavity is layered with very fine and clean sand. It can be seen perfectly due to the clarity of the water.A barrier keeps dangerous fish out and also keeps the surface very calm. On the docks at Orzola you can hop on a boat that makes the trip to the island of  La Graciosa. It is a typical marine town that has excellent fishermen.

Ye is a small town on the northern end of the island, famous for its vineyards and cheese made out of  goat's milk.

Close to Haria, Maguez is in the interior and surrounded by mountains. Here we also find wine and the famous Christmas or Early Potato, whose flavor is indispensable for the feed given to newborn goats that later are served for Christmas dinner.

Gallery of Antique Photos of Haria
Gallery of Antique photos of Haria (2)
Gallery of Photos of Haria



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